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Hope Warriors

Deciding to donate a kidney is a big decision with priceless benefits to your recipient. The team at Kidney Solutions can help you understand the kidney donation process.  Should you decide to donate your kidney, we will be with you every step of the way.

Are you the Hero he's waiting for?

Please save Brian E. Olivas's life. He urgently needs a Living Kidney Donor. Full Name: Brian Olivas. Blood type O. Date of Birth: 09/17/1972  Call the phone # below to register:

626 483-1465 to register or click the link below.

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Podcast Media with Brian!

My name is Keesha Davis, Blood Type O. I’m 35 and I live in Atlanta. Are there any heroes/ sheros out there anywhere? I’m looking for a kidney donor.   Click the link below for more info.
Patricia Stabler Yates is in need of a living kidney donor. Blood type O (paired exchange accepts all) If you’re willing and able to be a donor hero  please click the link to start the testing process. 
Patrick Hubert is in need of a living kidney donor  Blood Type O (paired exchange accepts all) Listed at Henry Ford Transplant Institute Detroit, Michigan please click on the link to register today.
Zonya needs a kidney.jpg
Ask yourself, Are you the Hero she urgently needs ? Full name: Sonia Fowler. Blood Type: "B", but compatible with "O" for direct donation. To register  Call +1-830-285-2140.

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