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Host of HWJ / HWJ Podcast 

Meet Jonathan Traylor-


Husband, Father & Friend to all. 45, married 22 years to Melissa with 2 children Jett 20, and MacKenzie 19. I have a very strong supporting family.

He has worked in Technology , computer/printer diagnostics & hardware repair. Website design & fluent in Social Media. Currently, he's a delivery driver for various online apps.


On July 8th , 2019 I went into kidney failure (Stage 5 ESRD). I woke up in the ICU on dialysis. I was about 30 minutes from death according to doctors. I went from the hospital after a 2 week stay to in center hemodialysis treatments. After around 10 months of being in center I progressed to Home Hemodialysis along with my Wife as a caretaker. I only did home hemodialysis for 3-4 months.


On August 11th 2020, I received my miracle Gift of Life. I was transplanted in San Antonio, Texas at Methodist Specialty and Transplant.


I have a passion for all things kidney and now use my personal story to give encouragement & hope to those that are suffering with kidney disease. I now advocate for organ donation for kidney patients. I’m grateful and blessed to share my messages of hope with others.  I knew i survived this experience for a reason, i knew i had to do more and so then Hope with Jonathan was born.

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" I still remember calling 911 and praying at my bedside, I still remember the ride to the hospital in the ambulance as my breathing began to get worse, still remember when the ER Doctor and nurses staff came rushing in after getting my blood labs results, I remember the sounds of the chopper blades from the helicopter as they rushed me to a hospital in San Antonio, Texas{ my local hospital wasn’t capable of giving me the treatment needed } I still remember when we landed and the ER doctor said, “You better grab the crash cart”!!  I was in complete Kidney Failure! Stage 5 ESRD! "
Read the rest of Jonathan's story here: 
Jonathan is also a Kidney Advocate & Ambassador for many kidney non profit organizations such as AAKP, NKF, AKF and Kidney Solutions. He has participated in many walks for charity to benefit and create awareness for Kidney disease. He got the opportunity to speak with his local and state representatives staff regarding the living donor act and has shared his story many times to bring kidney disease awareness to the world. 
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